Biological Dentistry

at Orlando Holistic Dental Studio

What is biological dentistry? How is it different from regular dentistry? Why should I choose biological dentistry for my family and myself?

Biological dentistry is a way of doing dentistry that respects the intricate and dynamic relationship between oral health and whole body health and well-being.

The mouth, after all, is gateway to the rest of the body. Its health reflects and influences the health of the whole, even as conditions in other areas of the body may influence the health of the mouth. As the great German physician Dr. Reinhold Voll taught, up to 90% of all systemic health problems have an oral component.

Biological dentistry is minimally invasive and biocompatible. Our practice is fluoride-free and mercury-free. When a patient chooses to have their “silver” mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced with nontoxic restorations, we follow strict safety protocols to keep mercury exposure to a minimum.

Our three main options for restoring teeth are composite resin, Emax (a ceramic), and zirconia (ceramic/porcelain). The composites that we use are free of BPA and related compounds. If you have a history of allergies or other sensitivities, biocompatibility testing can be done to ensure we choose dental materials that you’re not likely to be reactive to.

We avoid using metals for restorations or implants, thereby ensuring no generation of electric currents – something that happens when dissimilar metals are present in the mouth, such as mercury and gold or titanium and aluminum. Those galvanic currents can create havoc along your body’s meridian system – the energetic pathways that connect your teeth to other organs in your body – generating symptoms ranging from headaches and tinnitus to cognitive issues and epilepsy.

Two Other Common Sources of Dental Toxicity: Root Canals & Cavitations

We are aware that root canal teeth can become harbors of lingering infection, which can have whole body effects. If you have a tooth that has become a candidate for root canal therapy, we spend a good deal of time talking with you about the pros and cons of this sometimes controversial procedure.

If you choose to have root canal treatment, we refer you to an endodontist who is skilled in laser activated irrigation and ozone – proven techniques for thoroughly disinfecting all tooth tissues, even within the hard-to-access dentin, drastically reducing the risks of lingering infection.

“Cavitations” – otherwise known as chronic ischemic jawbone disease or jawbone osteonecrosis – is another dental situation that has been found to have wide-ranging effects on overall health. These areas of dead and decaying bone are typically covered with healthy-looking gum tissue, making them hard to detect without CBCT imaging or energetic testing.

Often, cavitations are the result of incomplete cleaning and disinfection of the jawbone after tooth extraction. Disinfecting with ozone during surgical procedures, along with the use of PRF to support good blood flow and revascularization of the surgical site, are essential for us to prevent the development of these lesions.

How a Visit with a Biological Dentist Is Different

When you first come to our office, we want to get the fullest picture of your health that we can, oral and systemic. We gather much more information than your standard dental office, including a complete medical history. We also spend a good amount of time talking, getting to know you and your goals and values, and establishing the positive communication that’s the foundation of a productive dentist/patient relationship.

We also devote a good amount of time to education so you can understand your current dental health and its potential impact on your whole body health and make truly informed decisions about your care.

And where conventional dentistry and medicine still often seem to run on the idea that “doctor knows best” and if you don’t do what the doctor says, you’ll get labeled as “noncompliant,” our biological practice treats you as a partner in the process of restoring or maintaining your oral health. We recommend; you decide.

Biological dentistry brings together the best that modern clinical practice has to offer with traditional healing wisdom, providing an integrated approach to your care that honors and respects your body’s innate ability to heal itself when properly cared for and supported.

It’s an approach that can help you take your health to the next level. We would be pleased to be a part of that process with you.